The National Physics PhD Student Network

July 1, 2020, from Harneet Sangha

The National Physics PhD Student Network, in collaboration with the Institute of Physics, aims to bring PhD students in Physics together in a friendly, social environment, to support each other, raise concerns and share positivity. It has been created by two PhD students, and it aims to be a space for PhD students to connect, be supported and gain strength in numbers. We had our first ‘lunch and natter’ session over zoom on Monday 29 June at 1pm, with discussion topics including introductions and finding out how everyone has been coping with Covid-19. The organisers have also created a Slack workspace for everyone who is interested in joining this National Student Network – all PhD students in Physics and related fields are welcome!

Feel free to spread the word – if you want invite links to the Slack workspace, please contact Manika Sidhu at and she’ll send them your way! Don’t worry if you want to get involved but didn’t attend the first zoom meet up, they’ll be hosting regular meetings in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Harneet Sangha ( or Manika Sidhu (