The next UK-SOSS talk will be held on 19th of May, 11:00 am (UK time)

May 11, 2020, from Marianna Korsos

We are happy to announce that we upgraded the UK-SOSS zoom licence for a large meeting option (500 participants). Please find the new zoom link and the meeting-ID below.

The 3rd seminar will be held on: 19th of May, 2020, 11:00 am (UK time)
Speaker: Prof. Anthony Yeates (Durham University)
Title: Where do solar eruptions come from?
Zoom link:
Meeting ID 953 3817 1418

An oft-quoted idea in solar physics is that coronal mass ejections are, fundamentally, the Sun’s way of shedding the magnetic helicity that is continually generated by its interior flows. In this talk, I will show how models are helping to give us a handle on the build up of magnetic helicity in the corona (the Sun’s lower atmosphere): how much is injected, where it collects, and how it is ultimately ejected. This requires time-evolving coronal magnetic field models as well as new tools for analysing the distribution of magnetic helicity.

The 4th seminar will be held on: 16th of June, 2020, 11:00 am (UK time)
Speaker: Prof Mitchell Berger (University of Exeter)
Title: Magnetic helicity: decompositions and methods of localization
Zoom link:
Meeting ID 953 3817 1418

Magnetic helicity is an ideal MHD invariant; it measures geometric and topological properties of a magnetic field. The talk will begin by reviewing helicity and its mathematical properties. It can be decomposed in several ways (for example, self and mutual helicity, Fourier spectra, field line helicity, linking, twist, and writhe). The talk will also review methods of measuring the helicity flux, as well as applications in solar and stellar astrophysics.
I will then discuss some new developments in measuring localized concentrations of helicity in a well-defined, gauge invariant manner, using wavelets.

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Marianna Korsos, JiaJia Liu and Chris Nelson