Topical Issue on Space climate in JSWSC: Deadline on 31 March

January 22, 2020, from Kalevi Mursula

Dear Colleagues,

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) accepts submissions of
research and review manuscripts for a Topical Issue on “Space climate: The past and
future of solar activity” to appear in 2020. This is an open call for papers discussing any aspect of Space Climate, i.e., the long-term change in the Sun and its effects in the heliosphere and the near-Earth space environment, including solar effects on the atmosphere and climate.

For more information, see

Extended deadline for submitted papers: March 31, 2020.

No need to delay submission until deadline since each paper will be treated and published individually at the pace of its own refereeing process. Early submission may even avoid the rush around the deadline and lead to faster publication.

For submission, start with the following website:

With best regards,

Kalevi Mursula, University of Oulu, Finland
Paul Charbonneau, University of Montreal, Canada
Agnieszka Gil-Świderska, University of Natural Sciences and Humanities in
Siedlce, Poland
Natalie Krivova, Max-Planck-Institut für Sonnensystemforschung, Germany
Ilya Usoskin, University of Oulu, Finland