UK-SOSS next talk – 18th March 2021, 10:00 (UK time)

March 10, 2021, from Marianna Korsos

Dear Colleagues,
We have the pleasure of announcing the next UK-SOSS talk which will take place at 10:00 (UK time) on 18th March 2021 via zoom. Our speaker will be Dr Helen Mason OBE from University of Cambridge.
Please find the relevant details below.
We’re looking forward to welcoming you.
With Warmest Regards,
Marianna Korsos (on behalf Chris Nelson and Jiajia Liu)

Speaker: Dr Helen Mason OBE (DAMTP, University of Cambridge)
Title: Solar Diagnostic Spectroscopy – a Personal Perspective
Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 953 3817 1418

Spectroscopic diagnostics have enabled us to determine the physical parameters of plasma for different solar features (active regions, jets, flares etc). Helen started her career studying the visible coronal lines from the 1952 eclipse observations. She then studied the UV and X-ray spectrum of the Sun, working on many joint UK, NASA, ESA and Japanese solar space projects including Skylab, the SMM (Solar Maximum Mission), Yohkoh, SoHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory), Hinode, SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) and IRIS (Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph). She was a founder member of the CHIANTI team, an atomic database which has been extensively used for solar data analysis. In this talk, she will pick out a few key results as examples of the value of spectroscopic diagnostics (in the transition region and corona). She will also look towards the current opportunities for research in this field and the future prospects for spectrometers. For a recent review, see: Del Zanna and Mason, 2018, Solar UV and X-ray spectral diagnostics’, Sol. Phys. Liv. Reviews.
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