Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowships

November 28, 2017, from Susanne Demaree

2018 Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowships

Application deadline: 12 January 2018

The Cooperative Programs for the Advancement of Earth System Science (CPAESS) announces the 2018 call for applications to the Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowships, sponsored by the NASA Living With a Star (LWS) program. The fellowships are designed to train the next generation of researchers in the emerging field of Heliophysics.

Heliophysics embraces all science aspects of the Sun-Solar System, and includes many of the basic
physical processes found in our solar system, the laboratory, and throughout the universe. These
processes generally involve the interactions of ionized gases (plasmas) with gravitational and
electro-magnetic (both radiation and DC) fields, and with neutral matter. The physical domain of
interest ranges from deep inside the Sun to the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Two major topics of focus for LWS are the science of space weather and of the Sun-climate connection.
Since the goal of this postdoctoral program is to train Sun-Earth system researchers, preference is also given to research projects that cross the traditional Heliophysics subdomains of the Sun, heliosphere, magnetosphere, and ionosphere/upper atmosphere, as well as Sun-climate investigations.

In order to succeed at such cross-disciplinary research, the host mentoring scientist plays a critical
role. Consequently, applicants must select a host scientist, who is different from the candidate’s PhD
advisor (preferably at a different institution), and coordinate a joint application with the potential
host scientist and institution.

Applicants to this postdoctoral program are expected to have had a PhD for no more than
three years at the start of tenure. A UCAR steering committee selects the fellows.

Jack Eddy fellows are UCAR employees and receive a fixed annual salary plus UCAR’s benefits (health and dental insurance, paid time off, paid holidays, TIAA retirement fund, and life insurance). A lump sum relocation allowance and an allowance for travel during the appointment are provided.

For additional information on this program and instructions on how to apply, please visit:


For further information, call (303) 497-1605 or email cpaess-apply@ucar.edu.

NASA Living With a Star, Heliophysics Division sponsors this program. The University Corporation for
Atmospheric Research is an EE/AAE who values and encourages diversity in the workplace.