Postdoc position at the University of Seville

November 9, 2018, from Nicolas Labrosse

Eleonora Viezzer, assistant professor at the University of Seville, recently obtained an ERC Starting Grant which will start next year. She is looking for outstanding candidates to fill the postdoc positions. She is a plasma physicist working in the field of nuclear fusion. With the ERC Starting Grant she is extending her spectrum to solar physics, in particular particle transport and acceleration in solar flares and CMEs, with the ultimate goal to apply their models developed for tokamak plasmas, with advanced in-situ measurements, to the generation of solar wind and its impact on Earth (space weather forecast station).
Any PhD student close to finishing their PhD and interested in doing a Postdoc at the bridge between solar physics and nuclear fusion are encouraged to contact her.
Dr. Eleonora Viezzer
Dept. of Atomic, Molecular and Nuclear Physics
University of Seville
Av. Reina Mercedes
41012 Seville