Announcing four new RHESSI Science Nuggets

July 30, 2018, from Hugh Hudson

No. 326, “Coronal nanoflares powered by footpoint reconnection,” by Pradeep Chitta, Hardi Peter, and Sami Solanki: coronal nanoflares in active-region cores can be powered by magnetic reconnection in the lower solar atmosphere.

No. 327, “Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy of Flares is Here,” by Dale E. Gary, EOVSA and RHESSI Teams: microwave imaging spectroscopy takes a giant leap forward with SOL2017-09-10.

No. 328, “The true dawn of multimessenger astronomy,” by Hugh Hudson: ever since the Carrington flare.

No. 329, “3D Magnetic Reconnection at a Coronal Null Point,” by Shane Maloney, Aidan O’Flannagain, and Peter Gallagher: large-scale reconnection involved in a type I radio noise storm.

See listing the current series, 2008-present, and for the original series, 2005-2008. We publish these at roughly two-week intervals and welcome contributions, which should be related, at least loosely, to RHESSI science.