HMI Science Nuggets in September 2018

October 1, 2018, from Richard Morton

We announce 5 new HMI Science Nuggets for September 2018.

#109 “How Many Active Regions Are Necessary to Predict the Solar Dipole Moment?”, contributed by Tim Whitbread (

#110 “Onset of Photospheric Impacts and Helioseismic Waves in X9.3 Solar Flare of September 6, 2017”, contributed by Alexander Kosovichev (

#111 “Synoptic Q-Maps — Insight into the Topology of the Coronal Magnetic Field”, contributed by Todd Hoeksema (

#112 “A possible explanation of the double peaks in solar cycles”, contributed by Bidya Binay Karak (

#113 “What Makes CME-producing Solar Eruptions Happen? Insight from Coronal Jets”, contributed by Alphonse Sterling (

We welcome submissions on work related to HMI scientific goals. More information can be found at .