RHESSI Nuggets in March 2017

April 30, 2017, from Hugh Hudson

No. 297: “Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations I: Solar Flare Finder,” by Ryan Milligan. Retrospective searches for your favorite flare

No. 298: “Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations II: A SC24 Retrospective,” by Ryan Milligan and Jack Ireland. How the widget did in Cycle 24

No. 299: “High Resolution Temporal and Spatial Structure of a White Light Flare,” by Vasyl Yurchyshyn. The biggest solar telescope finds still smaller scales for white-light flare kernels

See http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/wiki/index.php/RHESSI_Science_Nuggets listing the current series, 2008-present, and http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/nuggets/ for the original series, 2005-2008. We publish these at roughly two-week intervals and welcome contributions,
which should be related, at least loosely, to RHESSI science.