Committees, Panels & Reviews

Here we list currently active bodies the people may want information on. Please let the deputy chair know if a panel is not listed.

We note that STFC is currently has a ‘Call for Applications and Nominations to STFC’s Science Board, Committees and Peer Review panels’. We encourage the community to apply or nominate!


Solar System Advisory Panel – The purpose of the Advisory Panel is to provide a link between Science Board and the community, and represent the needs of the community to STFC. The remit of the panel includes Technology Development, Theory, High Performance Computing and Data Curation issues within their area.

Astronomy Grants Panel – Amongst other responsibilities, assess and make recommendations to the STFC Executive on all research grant applications in astronomy, including space science and solar terrestrial physics covering theory, exploitation and basic technology research.

STFC Detector & Instrument Review –  Currently active and requiring input! STFC and DLS are seeking inputs to the Strategic Review exercise through their existing advisory panels and facility user groups. Recognising that detectors and instrumentation are key elements for all our science areas we would also welcome any comments and suggestions from our user communities. Please send these to STRATEGIES by Monday 30 April, putting ‘Detectors’ in the subject line.

Balance of Programmes Exercise – PPAN Evaluations – The STFC Balance of Programme (PDF, 3414KB) (BoP1) exercise, published in 2017, looked at the balance of funding between the PPAN research disciplines. A process was agreed, by both Science Board and Executive Board, stating that in addition to this 3 yearly exercise, more detailed programme evaluations of the specific research disciplines should be carried out. The purpose of the programme evaluations is to look at the portfolio and science strategy to define a balanced programme of excellent science within a realistic financial planning envelope for each scientific discipline. BOP2 due to begin late 2018/ early 2019.