Graduate Studies in Heliophysics at the University of Arizona

October 23, 2018, from Kristopher Klein

The Department of Planetary Science and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory at the University of Arizona seek prospective graduate students who are interested in pursuing research in space physics and heliophysics. The deadline for application is December 10th, 2018. Both fellowships and research assistantships are available for the qualified applicant. Successful candidates will enter the program in Fall 2019. Prospective students should apply at

The solar and heliospheric research group at LPL ( has a long history studying the Sun’s extended atmosphere as it moves outward through the solar system and encounters the local interstellar medium. The group studies many different aspects of the Heliosphere, including the transport of galactic cosmic rays within the solar system, the acceleration and transport of high-energy solar particles, the physics of shocks in the interplanetary medium, and the transport and dissipation of energy in turbulent plasmas such as the solar wind. LPL researchers have had significant involvement in the Voyager spacecraft missions, as well as involvement with other missions aimed at studying the Sun and solar wind, including ACE, Wind, Ulysses, and the recently launched Parker Solar Probe.

Inquiries about the program and the application process can be directed to either Prof. Kristopher Klein (kgklein at or Prof. Joe Giacalone (giacalon at The University of Arizona is an EOAA employer with a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. We request researchers and teachers to distribute this advertisement to qualified candidates.