PhD in Solar Interior-Atmosphere Linkages & Space Weather Applications

February 13, 2017, from Bill Chaplin

The School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Birmingham invites applications for a PhD by research in solar physics and use of the HiSPARC network for space weather applications.

The student will be working with Professor Bill Chaplin and Dr Rachel Howe of the Solar and Stellar Physics Group to look at combinations solar data (various, both atmospheric and internal/helioseismic) and heliospheric data (various) to study linkages between solar interior, solar atmosphere and heliosphere. In another strand, the student will be working on HiSPARC, a European project to detect high-energy cosmic rays, of which Birmingham is a member. Professor Cristina Lazzeroni and Dr Angela Romano of our Particle Physics Group will work with the student to upgrade the instrumentation at Birmingham to enable measurements of cosmic-ray anisotropies at energies of 1 GeV and above, which may be used to inform space-weather predictions. The student will also explore with Professors Chaplin and Lazzeroni the potential of using upgraded instrumentation from the entire network for space weather applications, work that will also be conducted in collaboration with the Met Office.

Potential applicants should be interested in capitalizing on the opportunity to do a PhD that involves elements of data analysis and interpretation, as well as instrumentation and observation. There are also excellent opportunities regarding scientific outreach and communication (HiSPARC involves strong links to schools).

For more information and instructions on how to apply please contact Professor Bill Chaplin (