PhD Opportunities in Solar Physics at Aberystwyth University

February 10, 2017, from Huw Morgan

The Physics Department at Aberystwyth University welcomes applicants for funded PhD opportunities in solar physics. Potential topics include: (1) Advanced numerical modelling of magnetic flux tubes/loops in the low solar atmosphere (2) Forward modelling of spectroscopic and narrowband EUV observations of the low solar atmosphere, (3) Solar Rotational Tomography of EUV and/or coronagraph coronal observations, (4) Automated detection and prediction of coronal mass ejections, (5) Analysis of solar wind turbulence observations by in situ spacecraft, (6) Eclipse instrumentation, observations and data analysis. See for details of potential supervisors, see also for a taste of the solar research conducted at Aberystwyth.

Applicants should be eligible for, and apply through, the AberDoc scheme (see Applications, consisting of a short proposal and standard PhD application form, will be competing both for the University PhD scholarship scheme and for STFC or other available funding. The deadline is March 1st. Before applying, please contact Dr. Huw Morgan ( to discuss your proposal.