August 5, 2020, from Georgina Bennett


The 2020 Industrial CASE studentship competition opens 7 August 2020.
Call closes: 16:00 hrs on Thursday 1 October 2020

The STFC Industrial CASE scheme provides an opportunity to apply for additional studentships. The studentships come with extra funding (compared with standard studentships) for both the university and the student.

The scheme provides support for students to work in collaboration with a non-academic partner on projects that fall within the STFC core science programme in astronomy, particle physics, nuclear physics and accelerator science; or that aim to apply technologies or techniques developed within the programme into other areas.

We also support Industrial CASE-Plus studentships. Industrial CASE Plus extends the Industrial CASE studentship with the student spending a further year working full-time on the premises of the non-academic partner as an employee.

Non-academic partners in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) no longer need to make a contribution to the host university or to the student’s stipend. These contributions – £1,400 to the university and £2,760 to the student – will be provided by STFC. SMEs would still be expected to fund the additional accommodation and travel costs associated with attending the non-academic partner and additional expenses incurred due to the use of equipment and facilities.

In addition, STFC will, for all CASE studentships, provide an enhancement to the student stipend of £1,615 pa (compared with other STFC studentships).

There is one round each year and the next closing date is 1 October 2020. This Call is for students starting on 1 October 2021.

Departments also have the flexibility to convert any of their normal Doctoral Training Partnership studentships into CASE studentships, attracting the additional funding from STFC mentioned above. For further details about CASE studentships and how to apply please visit our webpage –