Open Astronomy workshop, Sheffield University

August 9, 2016, from Andrew Leonard

Python is being used more and more often in scientific research. The libraries which form the OpenAstronomy collaboration (, including SunPy and AstroPy, allow the solar physics community to benefit from Python’s extensive scientific environment and powerful visualisation capabilities.

A five-day workshop at Sheffield University will introduce Python, SunPy and AstroPy to the community. The workshop will consist of a Software Carpentry
workshop (covering the basics of bash, version control and Python), a discussion of open-source software in astronomy, and extensive training in using SunPy and AstroPy for research.

The workshop will be held on the week commencing 12th of September. No
prior knowledge of programming is necessary, and attendance is free. Attendees should bring their own laptops for working through exercises.

To register for the workshop, click here: