2022 Sun-Climate Symposium – May 16-22 – Call for Abstracts

2022 Sun Climate Symposium

Please mark your calendar today to join us in Madison, Wisconsin, May 16-20, 2022!

Our focus topic for this 3.5-day symposium is “Improved Climate-Record Reconstructions from Solar Variability and Earth System Observations”

Climate studies require records of longer duration than most direct individual measurements provide. These records can be created by combining measurements from different observers, sites, or instruments. Correlations between various measurements similarly enable extending climate-data records over the long timescales needed. Such reconstructions enable lengthier indicators of the climate itself as well as the natural and anthropogenic influences on climate. We explore such reconstructions and the understanding that can be gained from them, with emphasis on links between climate influences – particularly the natural driver provided by solar variability – and the Earth-climate system. These studies include improvements in recent and upcoming climate, atmosphere, and radiative observations and models, as those are often the most accurate tie points of historical reconstructions; correlations between various records used as proxies for historical reconstructions, as those provide the long-duration records needed for climate studies; new methodologies for extending or combining records; and studies of the climate variability associated with these records.

For information and to submit your abstract: https://lasp.colorado.edu/home/meetings/2022-sun-climate-symposium/