Abstract Submission Deadline Approaching for Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Heliophysics 2023

Abstract submission deadline is approaching for the International Workshop on Machine Learning and Computer Vision in Heliophysics – April 19-21, 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria and online.

Submit your abstract by February 1, 2023 at https://mch23.astro.bas.bg

The conference will focus on applications of Computer Vision and Machine / Deep Learning techniques to heliophysics research and forecasting frameworks, as well on the integration of these techniques into modelling efforts of solar and heliospheric phenomena.

Topics to be covered:

  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning applications in heliophysics, including:
    • Solar magnetism
    • Solar activity (flares, CMEs, particles)
    • Solar wind
    • Space weather and space climate
  • Heliospheric radio emissions
  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning techniques
  • Explainable Machine Learning
  • Physics-informed networks
  • Open source tools for CV and ML

Scientific Organising Committee:
Kamen Kozarev (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Manolis Georgoulis (Academy of Athens)
Astrid Veronig (Graz University)
Shane Maloney (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)
Long Xu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Pietro Zucca (ASTRON, The Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy)

For more information, visit the conference website: https://mch23.astro.bas.bg,