Astrochemistry Group Meeting 2021: Astrochemistry in the JWST era

May 17, 2021, from tdomf_b336c

Astrochemistry Group Meeting 2021: Astrochemistry in the JWST era

The Astrochemistry Group invites you to the 2021 annual meeting, to be held virtually and hosted by the University of Leeds, from 16th to 18th June 2021. The meeting, on the topic of “Astrochemistry in the JWST era” will also include the annual general meeting (AGM) of the Astrochemistry Group on 17th June 2021. We welcome all contributions on the theme of astrochemistry including observations, modelling, experiments, and instrumentation. There are 12 contributed talk slots available over the course of the meeting and abstract submission is due by 1st June 2021. The meeting sessions are scheduled daily from 1pm to 4pm BST (UTC+1) to facilitate international participation.

In this joint RSC/RAS meeting, and as a look forward to the launch of JWST, we have invited speakers with expertise in JWST observations, instrumentation, and public engagement (Dr Pamela Klaassen, Dr Libby Jones, and Dr Olivia Johnson, UK-Astronomy Technology Centre), laboratory experiments on solid-state infrared spectroscopy (Professor Harold Linnartz, Leiden Observatory), and computational models of molecular spectra at infrared wavelengths (Professor Jonathan Tennyson, UCL). We also invite contributions from all areas of astrochemistry, and in particular would like to encourage emerging (post-graduate and post-doctoral) researchers in astrochemistry to attend the meeting and present their work to the community.

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