COSPAR 2022 E2.2 session on solar/stellar eruptions (Call for abstracts: deadline Feb 11th)

Dear colleagues,

With the abstracts submission deadline fast approaching (February 11th), we draw your attention to the scientific event E2.2: CATALYZING PROGRESS IN OUR UNDERSTANDING OF THE PHYSICS OF SOLAR AND STELLAR ERUPTIONS VIA DATA DRIVEN SIMULATIONS to be held at the 2022 Cospar scientific assembly (16-24 July 2022, Athens, Greece).

The rationale of the session is as follows:
“Recent advances in computational power and theoretical understanding of solar magnetic fields have enabled the simulation of sunspots all the way to the formation of fully-developed Active Regions (ARs), and even successfully produce eruptive flares in the simulated solar corona. Radiative 3D MHD simulations, and, in particular, evolutionary data-driven modeling efforts, driving with observed time sequences of vector magnetograms simulations of eruptive events are being explored and developed. This session invites contributions on solar and stellar AR modeling in balance with contributions from an observational standpoint to cover multiple aspects of (1) the physics of AR formation and evolution, (2) the formation of pre-eruptive structures, and (3) the initiation of solar/stellar eruptions. Understanding the role of the evolution of magnetic fields is key in determining why some ARs are not strong sources of space weather while others pose dangers for space exploration, our modern civilization, or for exoplanet habitability.”

Best regards,
G. Chintzoglou & M. Janvier