COSPAR22-E2.1: Solar and Stellar Magnetic Flux Ropes -Call for Abstracts

The COSPAR 2022 Scientific Assembly which will take place in Athens, Greece, from July 16 to 24, is open for abstract submission.

We would like to raise your attention to COSPAR 2022 Scientific Event E2.1 entitled ‘Solar and Stellar Magnetic Flux Ropes’. The Event aims to discuss the formation (both observationally and with the aid of simulations) of magnetic flux ropes, their twist and helicity, their eruption in the framework of CME initiation, and their propagation into the inner heliosphere. Special emphasis will also be given to the discussion of stellar magnetic flux ropes and their possible connection to powerful stellar flares and CMEs, as these phenomena may have implications for the physical conditions of orbiting exoplanets.

We solicit contributions related to the above topics.

The deadline for abstract submission is 11 February 2022 (to submit your abstract follow the appropriate link at

For more information about the Event, please check out:

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