GNOSIS Workshop on Space Situational Awareness in Astronomy: 4 May 2022 (online)

GNOSIS Workshop on Space Situational Awareness in Astronomy: 4 May 2022 (online)
Registration and call for contributed talks

The GNOSIS Network ( is funded by STFC to bring together scientists and industry to understand and solve issues related to the ever-growing problem of space debris and the challenges of safeguarding spacecraft set to launch into this environment. Many of these space situational awareness (SSA) problems can be tackled using the same techniques and technologies as used in astronomy, so the SSA domain provides astronomers with an opportunity to have real impact on a topic of major economic and societal importance.

On the afternoon of 4 May 2022, GNOSIS is holding an online workshop to introduce space situational awareness problems to the wider astronomical community. The workshop will feature review talks from optical and radio astronomers already working in this domain, as well as a series of presentations on the opportunities for collaboration with the various commercial and (civil and military) governmental players also active in the field, to be followed by a panel discussion to enable members of the astronomical community to ask questions about how to engage in future SSA activities.

Further details regarding the workshop may be found on the GNOSIS website at, together with a link to the registration page. There is still some space in the programme for a few short (10-15min) contributed talks, and anyone wishing to present one is encouraged to email a brief abstract to the workshop organisers – Bob Mann ( and Don Pollacco ( – as soon as possible.

Bob Mann, Don Pollacco and Theresa Harrison, for the GNOSIS network.