Kick-off meeting of the Solar Orbiter Remote Sensing Science Working Groups (May 10th at 2pm CEST/1pm BST)

May 4, 2021, from tdomf_b336c

Solar Orbiter has been launched successfully in February 2020 and is now in cruise phase. All instruments are healthy and start to deliver high quality data. While the mission is still in cruise phase, the remote sensing instruments already produce scientific grade data. In these conditions, and with the nominal mission phase starting at the end of the year, six Remote Sensing Scientific Working Groups are dedicated to the coordination of scientific activities on topics relevant to the remote sensing instruments. The main objective of these groups will be to foster discussion and exchanges in the context of, but not limited to, the new Solar Orbiter remote sensing data. The remote sensing science working groups will be open to all without restriction.

A kick-off meeting will take place on May 10 at 2pm CEST. The meeting (remote, see connection details below) will include presentations of the six remote sensing instruments of Solar Orbiter by the PIs, followed by introductions to the working groups by the chairpersons.

14:00 Introduction to the working groups. F. Auchère
14:15 EUI. D. Berghmans
14:30 Metis. M. Romoli
14:45 PHI. J. Hirzberger
15:00 SoloHI. R. Colaninno
15:15 SPICE. F. Auchère
15:30 STIX. S. Krücker

15:45 Break

16:00 Introduction to the website. Daniel Verscharen
16:15 Atmospheric heating. Chairs: Pradeep Chitta & Hui Tian
16:30 Dynamo & solar cycle. Chairs: Zhi-Chao Liang & Jie Jiang
16:45 Magneto-convection. Chairs: Luis Bellot Rubio & Shahin Jafarzadeh
17:00 Solar wind origin. Chairs: Nicki Viall & Enrico Landi
17:15 Eruptive events. Chairs: Kevin Dalmasse & Stephanie Yardley
17:30 Cross-calibration. Chairs: Dan Seaton & Giulio Del Zanna
17:45 End of meeting