Modeling of Multiphase Astrophysical Media – Workshop

Workshop ‘Modeling of Multiphase Astrophysical Media’ in Schloss Aspenstein, Kochelsee, Germany May 30th – June 2nd 2023.

This workshop is intended to bring theorists from different sub-fields of astrophysics together to discuss challenges and solutions in modeling multiphase systems, the relevant physical processes shaping them, and to address the following key questions:

Under which conditions does a multiphase system form?

What sets the mass / momentum / energy transfer rates between the phases?

Which morphology and what kinematics does a multiphase system have?

How can we model multiphase gas computationally?

A few examples of multiphase systems we are interested in include: coronal rain, galactic winds, the circumgalactic medium, the intracluster medium, …

Apart from short talks where the participants can present their work, we plan to include discussion sections to allow the participants to profit from the interdisciplinary nature of the workshop and build new collaborations.

The registration deadline is 1 December 2022. More information about the workshop, including the venue and accommodations, can be found on our website:

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,
Ildar Khabibullin Max Gronke Ryan Farber