NAM 2022 Session: Dynamics and Structure of the Magnetic Field in the Sun’s Atmosphere

We would like to invite abstract submissions to the UK National Astronomy Meeting 2022 session: “Dynamics and Structure of the Magnetic Field in the Sun’s Atmosphere”.

Session description: The magnetic field is at the heart of most phenomena in the solar atmosphere. It structures the atmosphere in closed and open flux regions, it guides plasma flows, it transports energy and helicity, and it provides the energy for coronal heating, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections with energy releases on a wide range of scales. The state of the magnetic field is the result of a delicate balance between energy input, provided mainly via flows and flux emergence at the photospheric boundary, as well as various forms of energy release in the atmosphere and outflow from the atmosphere. The efficiency of energy conversion in the atmosphere is in turn dependent on an interplay between the largest scales where the energy is stored and the much smaller scales where the energy is dissipated. Fundamental processes like these and the resulting state, structure and dynamics of the Sun’s magnetic field remain critical topics for the major unsolved problems of solar physics. We invite contributions from both theory and observation related to the dynamics and structure of the Sun’s magnetic field, including on questions of cross-scale coupling, turbulence, magnetic reconnection, energy and helicity transport, related phenomena, and tools to investigate these processes.

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Abstract submission is now open:
The deadline for abstract submission is 23:59 BST (GMT+1) on Thursday 14th April 2022.

NAM 2022 will take place at the University of Warwick from 11-15 July 2022. Abstracts for both in-person and remote presentation are welcome for this this conference, which will be of hybrid format.

Organisers: Gunnar Hornig, David MacTaggart, Karen Meyer, Christopher Prior, Alexander Russell, Peter Wyper, Anthony Yeates