NAM 2022 Session: Forecasting Space Weather – Physics, Data, and Modelling

We would like to invite abstracts to the UK National Astronomy Meeting 2022 session: “Forecasting Space Weather – Physics, Data, and Modelling”

Abstract submission:
Deadline for abstracts: 14 April 2022

Space Weather refers to the short-term interaction of different manifestations of solar activity with geospace that occurs through a complex series of events. These interactions can result in hazardous conditions for the functioning of many socio-economically vital infrastructures, both terrestrial (e.g., long-distance oil/gas pipelines, electric power grids, aviation, HF radio) and space-based (e.g., communication satellites, global positioning systems, ISS), leading to reduced or sometimes entirely lost capacity. Therefore, being able to advance and refine our forecasting skill and capability through research into the identification of precursors of Space Weather events at their source (i.e., at the Sun) or event identification in interplanetary space, is indispensable. It is a great task and challenge to understand the physical processes that underpin the domain of Space Weather forecasting. Furthermore, we also have to develop strategies about how to deal with the accompanying volume of data, often from real-time observations, and their processing to effectively display and interpret them. This session aims to cover key aspects of Space Weather and Space Climate-related research topics that are relevant to the Sun-Earth system. We welcome oral and poster presentations on solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics. Contributions are welcome on these topics pertaining to research methodologies ranging from observing and modelling (e.g., data, analysis and numerical approaches) to forecasting (e.g., statistical or machine learning/artificial intelligence methods). We also invite presentations on ground- and space-based instrumentation supporting either the research or operational aspects of Space Weather forecasting.

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The Organisers: Dr Marianna Korsos, Dr Jiajia Liu, Prof Andrew Hillier, Prof Shaun Bloomfield, Prof Richard Harrison