NAM 2022 Session: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics across scales: from the solar corona to the intracluster medium

Dear Astrophysics community,

I would like to bring your attention to our first-of-a-kind cross-disciplinary session at NAM this year titled “Non-equilibrium thermodynamics across scales: from the solar corona to the intracluster medium”:

This session revolves around the multi-scale and multi-energetic manifestation of cool plasma across the universe and the effects of perturbed thermal equilibrium on various dynamic processes where such plasmas are observed. We aim at bringing together the solar and extra-galactic communities to explore these fascinating phenomena. Furthermore, this meeting will identify and strengthen the links between these disciplines, boost this research field in the UK and worldwide, and seed the ground for future national and international collaborations.

Please see the full abstract of our session at:

We warmly encourage you to submit an abstract if your research aligns with this session’s topics. More generally, we hope that you can join us at this session if you are keen to explore parallels of your work outside of your usual field. Please submit your abstract by the 14th April deadline at:

A special issue of the journal Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences aimed at collecting papers on the topics of this session has been agreed upon. Further details will be communicated in due time.

Our session will consist of 2×90 min slots, currently scheduled for Tuesday 4:30-6 pm BST and Wednesday 9-10:30 am BST. The confirmed invited speakers are:

Simon Daley-Yates – University of St Andrews (UK)
Max Gronke – Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics (Germany)
Andrew Hillier – University of Exeter (UK)
Valery Nakariakov – University of Warwick (UK)
Helen Russell – University of Nottingham (UK)
Stefanie Walch – University of Cologne (Germany)

Patrick Antolin (Chair) – Northumbria University
Prakriti Pal Choudhury – University of Cambridge
Tim Duckenfield – KU Leuven
Andrew Fabian – University of Cambridge
Moira Jardine – University of St Andrews
Dmitrii Kolotkov – University of Warwick
Prateek Sharma – IISc, Bangalore