Simons Observatory:UK Community Meeting – Second Announcement

Simons Observatory:UK Community Meeting – Second Announcement
Location: Royal Astronomical Society, Burlington House, London
Dates: 6 — 8 September 2022

We invite all members of the UK astrophysics, cosmology, and particle astrophysics communities to explore the scientific opportunities afforded through a major UK role in Simons Observatory (SO).

The meeting will take place at the Royal Astronomical Society’s main lecture room (Burlington House) in central London on the afternoons of the 6th, 7th and 8th September 2022. (The mornings of each day will be left for breakout meetings and/or free time.) Remote participation will also be possible.

Planning for a major UK role in SO is well advanced and the UK collaboration (SO:UK) has recently been awarded significant funding for the project. The UK contribution includes a UK-based data centre and a program of data processing algorithm development. A major UK role in the observatory infrastructure/instrumentation has also been proposed, and is currently undergoing final review. Both the data centre and algorithm development aspects are focussed on the production and delivery of the Science-Ready Data Products (SRDPs) arising from the SO observations. The SO:UK program will thus leverage a key role for the UK within SO and will position the wider UK community well for subsequent science exploitation of the SO data.

The purpose of this open meeting is to advertise the SO project, and the UK’s role within it, and to invite UK-based scientists to consider how the forthcoming SO survey data can help advance their own areas of scientific interest. The meeting will take the form of a series of invited talks and associated discussion sessions. Each day will also include a fireslide session providing an opportunity for participants to advertise their SO-related research.

For further details, please see the meeting website.

To register for the meeting (either in-person or remote attendance), please complete the short registration form.

Organising Committee:

David Alonso (University of Oxford)
Michael Brown (University of Manchester, chair)
Erminia Calabrese (Cardiff University)
Anthony Challinor (University of Cambridge)
Dave Clements (Imperial College London)
Antony Lewis (Sussex University)