Solar meeting announcement – COSPAR 2022 – Athens Greece

Meeting during the COSPAR 2022 General Assembly in Athens (GREECE), July 16-24, 2022,

Exploring the Cradle of the Solar Wind with PSP/SolO/Proba-3: What Do We Really Know about the Inner Solar Corona?

The inner solar corona is occupied by closed magnetic field structures, trapping plasma to form relatively dense regions associated with the slow solar wind (SW). They are surrounded by coronal holes with open magnetic fields, wherein the fast SW accelerates. Slow SW formation in the inner corona is generally attributed to processes like interchange reconnection, or plasmoid release at the streamer cusps. Direct imaging of these processes is currently difficult. Parker Solar Probe’s latest available batch of science data cover the mission’s 5th solar encounter, including a perihelion approach at 19 million kilometers. The Solar Orbiter is off to an excellent start, already providing the closest ever taken solar pictures from a distance of 77 million kilometers. The inner SW is among the science goals of the formation flying coronagraph PROBA-3/ASPIICS. This session during the COSPAR 2022 General Assembly in Athens (GREECE) aims to understand how such synergistic observations and theoretical developments may answer the question of the title.

save the date: February 11, 2022, Deadline for abstract submission.
contact person/main session organizer: prof. Kanaris Tsinganos,