UKSKASC (on-line) Town Hall Meeting 2021 – Final Announcement

UKSKASC (on-line) Town Hall Meeting 2021 – Final Announcement

The next UK-SKASC (UK-SKA Science Committee) Town Hall meeting will be held on Friday 19th November hosted on Zoom.

Registration for the event will be open until 10:00am on Thursday 18th November. There is no registration fee.

For further details and to register for the event please click here:

The meeting will aim to bring the UK astronomical community together and will provide a platform for staff of the SKA Observatory and members of the UK community to provide updates on the current status of the SKA project, followed by a brief Q&A session.
It will also provide an opportunity for the community to gain a better understanding of the different phases of construction that need to be undertaken and the challenges that need to be overcome.

The confirmed running order of the event is:

• 10:00 Introduction/Welcome
• 10:05 SKA Overview – Phil Diamond
• 10:25 Construction Status – Joe McMullin
• 10:50 Low and Mid Facility Overview and Roadmap – Robert Laing

Short Break

• 11:30 Computing – Nick Rees
• 11:55 SRC (SKA Regional Centre) – Rosie Bolton
• 12:10 UK SRC (SKA Regional Centre) Strategy – Jeremy Yates
• 12:30 SEAC (Science and Engineering Advisory Committee) – Carole Mundell
• 12:55 End of meeting

Following the presentations, breakout rooms have been created to provide an opportunity to take part in further discussions from 13:00 for 30 minutes.
These sessions will be Chaired by a member of the Science Committee and will provide an opportunity for members of the community to discuss and ask additional questions of the speakers.

Three breakout rooms will be created, and speakers have been split into the following groups:

• Breakout room 1: Phil Diamond and Carole Mundell – Chaired by David Bacon
• Breakout room 2: Joe McMullin and Robert Laing – Chaired by Leah Morabito
• Breakout room 3: Nick Rees, Rosie Bolton and Jeremy Yates – Chaired by Lucy Oswald

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