UPDATE: STFC Introductory Solar System Plasmas Summer School 2020 will be an ONLINE meeting

This year’s STFC Introductory Summer School will be an online meeting.

It was due take place in Birmingham from 24 – 28 August. However, owing to COVID-19, an in-person meeting is no longer possible (University restrictions mean we can no longer run face-to-face conferences/events at that time). Having consulted with STFC, we are therefore switching to online delivery. Whilst the change is far from ideal, it will ensure this year’s cohort of new PhD students do not miss out entirely. We will do our best to maintain the interactive and mixing/networking elements that are such an important part of the School.

We will provide further details soon, including the full programme of lectures, how to register, and information on the platform for delivery.

Registration will be free for all delegates, and will open in early June.

Bill Chaplin, on behalf of the LOC