Announcement of Opportunity: Enabling Technologies Programme – Call Two Technology for Space Science

As part of a joint initiative between UK Space Agency (UKSA) and STFC-UKRI, proposals are sought by UKSA for projects in areas including innovation; innovative technology proof of concept that could result in a significant technological step-change; new technology developments; establishing new academic/industrial research collaborations and feasibility studies targeting emerging disruptive technologies.

Both STFC and UKSA are contributing to the cost of this significant scheme – targeted specifically on a limited number of key themes related to fostering the development of technologies required to position the UK for the next generation of space science / astrophysics opportunities. The goal is to repeat this opportunity for other themes and to connect work funded here with follow-on funding via associated initiatives.

This an open call and encourages emerging and innovative technology development proposals in space science technologies. Details can be found here: Announcement of Opportunity: Enabling Technologies Programme – Call Two – GOV.UK (

Any submissions, within scope of space science technology, are welcome into this call, but we are particularly interested in:
1. innovative and/or emerging technology research and development – proof of
concept, feasibility studies targeting emerging disruptive technologies
2. detectors – new ideas for photon capture, at any wavelength, to enabling
new science from space instrumentation
3. robotics – enabling remote / autonomous operation of science
4. instrumentation/techniques to meet Planetary Protection Protocols for outgoing missions and returned samples; space weather instruments
By the end of the project there must be a tangible improvement in the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the technology or a demonstration of advancement in approach (engineering method, technical competence etc) that would enable and support space science:

We expect proposals to seek to focus on ETP supported maturity levels of TRL 1 to 4, though higher TRL developments will be considered.

Awarded Projects must start no later than 28 April 2023 and must have fully completed by 31 May 2024.

Grant funding per project is expected to range from £100k to £250k per grant. In exceptional circumstances, UKSA reserve the right to adjust the value or duration of the grant funding available.

Applications can be submitted at values within this funding level; however, it should be noted all proposals should clearly demonstrate that they meet the identified TRL levels indicated in the paragraph above.

The Scheme is being led by UKSA so enquiries should be via the contacts on the UK.GOV site

Colin Vincent, STFC