Call for members of UKSA Space Exploration Advisory Committee (SEAC)

The UK Space Agency seeks nominations for membership of its Space Exploration Advisory Committee (SEAC).

Space exploration has an exciting few years ahead. There is strong UK interest, both academic and industrial, in programmes such as Lunar Gateway and Mars Sample Return. We are looking for people who can represent their specialist area through the lens of an understanding of human and robotic exploration, the UK’s activities in this field, both nationally and through ESA, and the wider National Space Strategy and the government’s science and technology ambitions.

We are looking for 3 people for 3 areas due to membership durations ending:

• Lunar science and exploration
• Mars science and exploration
• Microgravity science and experimentation (especially in the Life Sciences) (deadline for applications – Monday 14 November 2022).

Joanna Bird
Exploration Science Community Officer