JWST proposal planning workshop, University of Hertfordshire 5-6th January 2023

We would like to advertise a JWST proposal writing workshop taking place on the 5th and 6th of January 2023 at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Please find details at the website here https://webbfellow.wixsite.com/prop-planning. There will be experts in the room, and some unstructured time for you to ask for help on your own proposals, as well as worked examples for using the APT, exposure time calculator, as well as strategic advice for proposal writing. If you have already registered your interest, there is no need to do anything else at this time, but if you would like the opportunity to join this workshop please register your interest by following the URL.

*************** The deadline for registering is *12th December* ****************************

We have a limit to the number of participants, if the interest is greater than the available spaces we may have to prioritise early career researchers and maintain a waiting list.

*National rail strikes*
The days of this workshop fall on the days recently announced to be days with national rail strikes. We will be in touch with those who have already registered interest to see how this affects you, but there are some details here:
• The 4th and 7th of January have not been listed as rail strike days, so traveling to and from Hatfield on these days would ensure your travel is not so disrupted.
• There have been services to and from Hatfield on previous strike days, they have just started later in the day and finished earlier. We can therefore adjust the schedule to ensure hands-on sessions are within core hours that should be possible for those wishing to travel to the site each day.

Kind Regards
Emma Curtis-Lake on behalf of the SOC

Dr. Emma Curtis-Lake
STFC Webb Fellow
Centre for Astrophysics Research
University of Hertfordshire