Proposing NAM2023 Solar Sessions (‘Solar NAM Sessions’ Spreadsheet)

Dear Colleagues,

The call for session proposals is now open and we encourage you to apply for specialist and cross-disciplinary scientific presentations and discussion sessions.

This year, session organisers are also providing the opportunity for the community to apply for longer two-day “key sessions”, which allow for more in-depth coverage of exciting areas. At NAM2023 these sessions will have the theme of “Origins”.

Proposals should be submitted via the NAM2023 website:

The deadline for session proposals is Tuesday 31st January 2023 at 17:30 UTC.

In order to help our community propose and organise NAM sessions, we have created a ‘Solar NAM Sessions’ spreadsheet:

If you plan to submit a relevant session, then please send it to and we will add all the information to the spreadsheet:

Firstly, this helps the council to keep track of the different solar sessions and themes.

Secondly, if you have an idea for a session but it is not proposed or fully formed, please add it to the spreadsheet, since this can bring organisers together with similar ideas and remove nearly identical sessions being proposed.

The council will not interfere with your proposed sessions (unless you want our help!) but we hope the spreadsheet can be a useful aid for this task.

Kind regards,

UKSP Council