Special issue “Thermal Imbalance and Multiphase Plasmas Across Scales: From the Solar Corona to the Intracluster Medium” in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to inform you about the launch of a special issue “Thermal Imbalance and Multiphase Plasmas Across Scales: From the Solar Corona to the Intracluster Medium” in the journal Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences (IF 7):


This special issue is planned as an outgrowth of a dedicated session at the upcoming National Astronomy Meeting 2022:


and aims at bringing together the most recent observational and theoretical achievements in the physics of plasmas in thermal non-equilibrium in solar and stellar atmospheres, and in the ISM/ICM and laboratory conditions, consolidating our understanding of these fascinating research fields and stimulating an effective knowledge exchange. We welcome submissions of original works and review papers on the following specific topics:

• Manifestations of thermal instability and thermal non-equilibrium (TNE) in any astrophysical setup: from stellar atmospheres to the CGM, ISM and ICM. We also welcome insights from laboratory science.

• Thermal evolution and dynamics of solar and stellar prominences and coronal rain, and their role in the chromosphere-corona mass and energy cycle.

• Effects of imbalance between heating and cooling processes on dynamics and stability of MHD waves in astrophysical plasmas.

• Flare-driven coronal rain.

• The role of instabilities and turbulence in the generation of multiphase plasmas.

• Differences and similarities between the effects of perturbed thermal equilibrium in different astrophysical and laboratory plasma systems.

Submission deadlines (preliminary): 15 August 2022 (for abstracts), 7 November 2022 (for manuscripts).

The Frontiers Journals are known for a fast and open review process, open access policy, and a fee-support program via institutional agreements or individual applications.

Informal enquiries can be emailed to Guest Editors:

Dmitrii Kolotkov (d.kolotkov.1@warwick.ac.uk, University of Warwick)
Patrick Antolin (patrick.antolin@northumbria.ac.uk, Northumbria University)
Prateek Sharma (prateek@iisc.ac.in, IISc, Bangalore)