STFC Horizons Programme Net Zero – Call Closing Soon

June 10, 2021, from tdomf_b336c

STFC Horizons Programme Net Zero Call Closing Soon

STFC Horizons Programme currently has a call open for projects aimed at exploring and/or demonstrating the application of STFC-funded science, technology, applications or expertise specifically within the Net Zero priority.
In order to be eligible, proposed activities must include a PI from an STFC-funded department at an eligible research organisation or from an STFC lab/facility. Proposals must clearly demonstrate that the science, technology, applications and expertise in the Net Zero proposal originated from the STFC core programme, which includes Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics, Astrophysics, Space Science, Accelerator Science, or computing in support of these, or research conducted at the STFC facilities, CERN, ESO or ESRF is also welcome. For further details, please refer to the STFC Horizons Programme website.

The Net Zero call will be closing next week Wednesday 16/06/21 at 16:00. If you are interested in applying please contact the team at as soon as possible to check eligibility in a brief expression of interest. Please provide a short summary of the proposed project, including funds to be requested (approximate figures). We will be able to advise you as to whether the project fits within the remit of the call and if you/your team are eligible within the call. Following this, a full proposal should be submitted through Je-S before the call closes at 16:00 on 16/06/21.