Summary of SSAP Community Questionnaire Responses and White Papers

[sent on behalf of SSAP]

Dear Colleagues,

As part of updating the Solar System Roadmap, SSAP would like to consult you on a summary of the (science) White Papers and responses to the Community Questionnaire.

You will find these summaries at:

Please note that to keep the document to a manageable length for consultation, these are summaries of the key elements of the science White Papers and questionnaires.

At this stage of the Roadmap update process, SSAP would like to get your feedback on these summaries. Do they adequately capture key future developments? Are there any crucial omissions? It would be particularly useful to SSAP to hear from colleagues involved with Exomars and teams who have submitted proposals to the ESA F/M class calls. All responses will of course be treated confidentially!

Please send your responses by Friday 8th April to

Many thanks!

Ineke De Moortel (on behalf of SSAP)