UK Space Agency – Call for Membership Nominations

August 3, 2021, from tdomf_b336c

The UK Space Agency seeks nominations for membership of its Science Programme Advisory Committee (SPAC).

The SPAC is responsible for advising the Agency on the overall strategy for involvement in space science projects, taking account of issues relating to Space Science, technology, industry, potential spin-off applications, science and society opportunities, education, and skills. SPAC provides advice on the ranking and relative priority of current and potential future space science projects as an input to both funding and review decisions conducted by or for the UK Space Agency. The Committee also advises UK Space Agency’s ESA Science Programme Committee (SPC) delegation on UK positions for SPC meetings, as well as wider opportunities and benefits arising from the space science programme and the broader industrial and academic community. Membership of the SPAC consists of representatives of the academic and industrial groups from across the breadth of relevant subject areas.

Through this call for membership UK Space Agency is seeking four new members to join SPAC. The Committee relies on a broad range of expertise from academia and industry, and no specific specialisms are prioritised in this call. Through the selection process UK Space Agency will take account of balance of gender, career stage, scientific/technical/management expertise, and institutional representation across the Committee’s membership.

Nominations should be made by email, no later than 1st September at 16:00 to the email address below and include the following information:

• Name
• Organisation
• Research interests
• Summary (200-300 words) of relevant experience

Suitable candidates are expected to have:
• experience of working with international space programmes (e.g., with ESA (European Space Agency), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)).
• broad knowledge of the UK R+D landscape.
• knowledge of the political and strategic challenges of work in this area, at both a national and international level.
• scientific expertise in a space science-related discipline, such as astronomy, solar system science, astrophysics, cosmology, excluding the life sciences.

Experience of working in similar advisory positions for government or other public bodies would be beneficial (e.g., government agencies, Research Councils, other funding bodies.).

Membership is on a two-year term, and meetings are usually held quarterly with the next SPAC meeting being held in late October 2021.

To submit a nomination (either for yourself or for a colleague) or for more information about the SPAC and what membership entails, please contact Louise Ingram: