RHESSI Nuggets in October 2021

No. 418 , “A Non-PFSS Global Coronal Model,” by Oliver RICE and Anthony YEATES. Modeling as convenient as PFSS but much more realistic

No. 419, “Thomson scattering near sunspots,” by Pascal SAINT-HILAIRE et al.: Completing the modeling of low-coronal Thomson polarimetry – 91 years after Minnaert

We welcome contributions to the RHESSI Nuggets, and the topics may wander some distance away from specifically RHESSI results if they are generally interesting. See http://sprg.ssl.berkeley.edu/~tohban/wiki/index.php/RHESSI_Science_Nuggets for these and others. Comments about specific flares can often be found by searching for their SOLyyyy-mm-dd identifier from this home page.