FAO Solar Seminar Organisers – UKSP Council Support for Online Seminars

To all Solar Seminar Organisers,

The UKSP Council have decided not to continue the monthly online UK-SOSS seminar series, due to a decline in numbers after the lifting of pandemic restrictions. We are currently exploring other potential options for enabling the UKSP community to present their work and interact with each other more widely.

One possibility that we are considering is for individual groups to stream and advertise some of the talks in their own seminar series online, to allow members of the UKSP community to attend remotely. The UKSP Council could provide free access to the UKSP Zoom licence if needed, and could advertise your chosen seminars through our newsletter, website and social media.

At this stage, we are consulting individual groups, to determine whether there would be any interest in this proposal. Please contact Karen Meyer (kmeyer001@dundee.ac.uk) to let us know if this is something that would be of interest your group or not.

Kind regards,
Karen Meyer and Matthew Lennard on behalf of the UKSP Council