Call for Nominations: RAS Medals and Awards 2020

April 4, 2019, from Richard Morton

Nominations are invited for RAS Medals and Prizes to be awarded in January 2020. This will be a very special year to receive an award as 2020 marks the Society’s bicentenary. The deadline for nominations is 31 July 2019, with the exception of the Patrick Moore Medal and the Annie Maunder Medal for Outreach which have a deadline of Friday 27 September 2019.

A list of the awards available this year is provided below. Some awards are made in two subject areas:

A – astronomy and astrophysics, broadly defined, including cosmology, astroparticle physics, astrobiology and astrochemistry

G – geophysics, solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics, planetary science, and meteoritics

Anyone may submit a nomination for an award, it is not necessary to be a Fellow of the RAS. All nominations are made in strict confidence; nominees should not be informed of submissions in order to avoid unnecessary disappointment. Unsuccessful nominations from the last two awards cycles are in some cases reconsidered. Repeat or duplicate submissions carry equal weight. Special conditions apply for nominations of current members of the RAS Council (contact for details).

For full details, please click on the links below:

Medals and prizes:

The following are just the medals that Solar Physics researchers can be nominated for, i.e., in the G category.

Gold Medal (A) and Gold Medal (G) are the Society’s highest honours for sustained contribution and success in the field of Astronomy or Geophysics respectively.

Chapman Medal (G) for investigations of outstanding merit in the science of the Sun, space and planetary environments or solar-terrestrial physics


Agnes Mary Clerke Medal for Historical Research (A/G) is awarded every three years to an individual who has achieved outstanding personal research into the history of astronomy or geophysics.

Patrick Moore Medal for outstanding contribution to teaching astronomy or geophysics

Annie Maunder Medal for outstanding contribution to outreach and public engagement for astronomy or geophysics

Price Medal (G) for investigations of outstanding merit into formation and composition of the Earth and/or planets (e.g. seismology, tectonics, geodesy, geomagnetism, solar system dynamics, meteoritics)

Fowler Award (A) and Fowler Award (G) for individuals who have made a particularly noteworthy contribution to these sciences at an early stage of their research career

Winton Award (A) and Winton Award (G) for the astronomy or geophysics postdoctoral research fellow in a UK institution whose career has shown the most promising development

Group Award (A) and Group Award (G) for outstanding achievement by large consortia

Service Award (A) and Service Award (G) for individuals who, through outstanding or exceptional work, has promoted, facilitated or encouraged the sciences of astronomy or geophysics and developed their role nationally or internationally

Named lectures:

Harold Jeffreys Lecture (G), given annually by a distinguished speaker on a suitable topic in geophysics, and is generally reserved for topics concerning the interior structure, formation and composition of the Earth and/or planets (e.g. seismology, tectonics, geodesy, geomagnetism, solar system dynamics, meteoritics).

James Dungey Lecture (G), given annually by a distinguished speaker on a suitable topic in geophysics, including solar physics, solar-terrestrial physics or planetary sciences (the lecture normally covers topics concerning the science of the Sun, solar environment, planetary environments or solar- terrestrial science)


Honorary Fellowship (A) and Honorary Fellowship (G), awarded to any foreign national based overseas, eminent in the fields of astronomy or geophysics, for distinguished leadership or services to astronomy or geophysics

We are also still accepting applications for the Patricia Tomkins Undergraduate Prize and the Caroline Herschel Prize Lectureship.

Patricia Tomkins Undergraduate Prize, for excellent laboratory work on instrumentation undertaken as part of a course related to astronomy or geophysics. Only Fellows of the RAS may submit nominations for this award.  Deadline Friday 31 May 2019

Caroline Herschel Prize Lectureship, in association with The William Herschel Society.  Deadline Tuesday 30 April 2019.


Contact Nush Cole ( if you have any questions.