UK Solar Instrumentation and Facilities Forum

The UK Solar Physics community plays an active role in the design, building, and delivery of many instruments dedicated to studying the Sun.

The UK community organises a regular forum where current involvements are discussed and future plans are made. In the past, it was previously called the Solar Missions Forum.

As an outcome of the 2023 UK Solar Instrumentation and Facilities Forum, it was decided that the community should consider and share future mission and project ideas to try to identify future UK priorities and strategies for the solar community. We have created a form for this task, and we ask the community to submit brief project concepts ranging from:

  • Technology and instruments
  • Mission ideas and proposals
  • Collaborative science ideas

The above can be shared via the form:
Solar Mission, Instrument, Technology and Collaboration Ideas Submission Form

The submissions will be used to create a database of solar technology, instruments, and mission ideas that will be maintained by the UKSP Council and shared with the community and STFC Solar System Advisory Panel. The information will also be used when organising the UK Solar Instrumentation and Facilities Forum.

The database can also be used to share collaborative science ideas, especially those suitable for the new STFC large awards. We hope this will encourage collaboration in our community and help to form ideas for large and successful solar projects.

Kind regards,
UKSP Council, Richard Harrison, Sarah Matthews, Jackie Davies


Details from the previous meetings can be found:
Before 2019