The UK Solar Physics community has decided to put in place a mentoring scheme. The mentors cover a range of career stages and are available to provide advice on a range of issues, e.g. jobs (applying for post-docs, promotions), applying for grants, publishing, outreach, writing up the PhD etc.

Mentors can either be contacted directly or via the UKSP council. We note this is not an attempt to replace University mentoring schemes, but should be used an additional resource.


Prof. Philippa Browning – University of Manchester (phillipa.browning at

Prof. Bill Chaplin – University of Birmingham (w.j.chaplin at

Prof. Ineke de Moortel – University of St Andrews (ineke.demoortel at

Prof. Robertus Erdélyi – University of Sheffield (robertus at

Prof. Lucie Green – Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL ( at

Prof. Lyndsay Fletcher, University of Glasgow (lyndsay.fletcher at )

Prof. Louise Harra – PMOD/WRC, Switzerland (louise.harra at

Prof. Francis Keenan – Queen’s University Belfast (f.keenan at

Dr Nicolas Labrosse – University of Glasgow (nicolas.Labrosse at

Dr Helen Mason – University of Cambridge (hm11 at

Prof. Mihalis Mathioudakis – Queen’s University Belfast (m.mathioudakis at

Prof. Sarah Matthews  – Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL (sarah.matthews at

Prof. James McLaughlin – Northumbria University (james.a.mclaughlin at

Dr Mathew Owens – University of Reading (m.j.owens at

Dr David Pontin – University of Newcastle, Australia (david.pontin at

Prof. Anthony Yeates – University of Durham (anthony.yeates at

Early Career

Dr David Long – Mullard Space Science Laboratory, UCL (david.long at

Dr Richard Morton – University of Northumbria (richard.morton at

Dr Alexander Russell – University of Dundee (arussell at

Dr James Threlfall – University of St Andrews (jwt9 at

Dr Marion Weinzierl – University of Durham (marion.weinzierl at

Dr Natasha Jeffrey – Northumbria University (natasha.jeffrey at

Dr Maire Gorman – University of Bristol (maire.gorman at