About UKSP

The UK Solar Physics community (UKSP) is a Specialist Scientific Group affiliated to the Royal Astronomical Society with members in several institutes across the UK.

We distribute a newsletter of the latest Solar Physics and related news to our mailing list twice a month. You can view a summary of the of news items (recent news summary) and follow our twitter feed @uksolarphysics.

Information about current and future UK involvement in solar space missions is available on the UK Solar mission forum.

The UK solar physics community is represented by the UKSP Council, comprising elected members of that community. The Council consists of a chairperson, a deputy chairperson and six ordinary members, opertaing under the rules set out in the UKSP Charter [PDF].

Guidance on UKSP/MIST Summer Schools and the future rota is available here.

UKSP Chairperson

Dr Natasha Jeffrey
Department of Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering
Northumbria University
Email Address

UKSP Deputy Chairperson

Dr Marianna Korsos
University of Sheffield
S10 2TN
Email Address

Ordinary Council Members

Dr Peter Wyper (Durham University) – Staff Member
Dr Karen Meyer (Dundee University) – Staff Member
Dr Ryan Milligan (Queen’s University Belfast) – Staff Member
Dr Rahul Sharma (Northumbria University) – PDRA Member
Dr Suzana de Souza e Almeida Silva (Sheffield University) – PDRA Member
Mr Matthew Lennard (Sheffield University) – PhD Student Member

All items for the newsletter or to be posted to the website should be submitted via the online form. Other items should be directed through the chairperson and deputy chairperson.