Public Outreach

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Be involved in the future NASA SunRISE mission

The UK is involved in NASA SunRISE mission wich to be launched in 2024.
The team at the University of Michigan College of Engineering is seeking UK high school partners to participate in this radio science campaign.

The SunRISE team at the University of Michigan College of Engineering ( will sponsor (free of charge to the high school) the deployment of a Radio JOVE ( dual-dipole antenna as well as the training of the host high school staff and student teams.


The SunSpaceArt project is a diverse team of artists, scientists and educators, led by Dr Helen Mason, who have been running STEAM (STEM + Arts) workshops in schools for the past six years. This follows on from the Sun|trek project. Our project has been funded by the STFC (Science and Technology Facilities Council). The SunSpaceArt project has directly reached over 170 schools, 9000 children and 1100 teachers throughout the UK (mostly primary schools, children aged 7-11 years old).

The aim of the project is to educate and inspire children using the context of the Sun, Solar System and space science (including ESA’s Solar Orbiter). Our focus has been on school children from diverse backgrounds and those most in need of science enrichment. We have worked with schools in London, Wales, Greater Manchester, Leicester, the North East, Cambridgeshire and Devon. The SunSpaceArt team were the proud recipients of the 2020 Sir Arthur Clarke Team Award for Space Achievement in Education and Outreach.
Website SunSpaceArt



The Sun|trek website is an educational website about the Sun and its effect on the Earth, aimed at 10-14 year old students and their teachers. The site has been produced by a team of UK solar researchers and teachers. The sections are narrated by ‘solar guides’ – researchers throughout the UK. Many spectacular images and movies (from solar space observations) are available to be downloaded for classroom work. Sun|trek contains material relevant to the ‘Earth and Beyond’ part of the curriculum, and also covers environmental issues such as alternative energy sources. Sun|trek contains many classroom projects and ideas, together with useful links to other educational websites.
Website Sun|trek

University of Glasgow A&A Outreach

Glasgow astronomers have a long history of explaining and promoting astronomy to the public and in schools. The group features the current Astronomer Royal for Scotland, Professor John C. Brown, and conducts guided tours of the observatory and public lectures, as well as regular visits to schools with the inflatable mobile planetarium giving virtual tours of the night sky.
Website University of Glasgow Astronomy & Astrophysics Outreach

MSSL Outreach Activities


The Mullard Space Science Laboratory (MSSL) is part of University College London (UCL), which has been appointed one of six Beacons for Public Engagement nationwide. MSSL supports this initiative with a highly active astronomy and space education outreach programme; from adult education to guided tours of the laboratory. MSSL also offer a comprehensive programme of activities for schools, providing school visits with talks and practical activities tailored to meet the needs of the curriculum.
Website MSSL’s Public Outreach Activities