The new UK-based Solar Online Seminar Series – UK-SOSS

March 5, 2020, from Marianna Korsos

We are pleased to announce the new UK-based Solar Online Seminar Series – UK-SOSS.

UK-SOSS will be convened and hosted via a zoom link (to be announced in due course) between March and June once a month during the trial period. In this semester, senior colleagues deliver review talks about their research areas to the UKSP community. The review style of talks will differentiate UK-SOSS from ESPOS, thereby providing a complementary value to the UK community.

The first seminar will be held on: 24 March, 2020, 11:00 am (GMT).
The speaker is: Prof. Ineke De Moortel (University of St Andrews).
Title: Aspects of MHD Wave Heating in the Complex Solar Atmosphere

In a series of numerical experiments, we investigate the possible role of MHD waves in the energy and mass cycle in the complex solar corona. Using 3D MHD simulations of transverse, Alfvenic waves, we look at the role of chromospheric evaporation, the complexity of the magnetic field and the power spectrum of the wave driver. We focus on the efficiency of the wave-based heating in our models, in particular whether heating provided by the waves can balance coronal losses and whether proposed wave heating mechanisms are in fact self-consistent.

Marianna Korsos (University of Aberystwyth), JiaJia Liu (University of Sheffield) and Chris Nelson (Queen’s University Belfast )