Research associate in Space Physics

June 27, 2017, from Tim Horbury

The Space and Atmospheric Physics group are looking for a Research Assistant/Associate to work on the analysis and interpretation of data related to the solar wind, preferably related to turbulence, kinetic processes or structures in the inner heliosphere. Our Group has built the magnetometer instrument on the ESA Solar Orbiter spacecraft due for launch in 2019 and has scientific involvement in the NASA Parker Solar Probe mission, launching in 2018. Between them, these two spacecraft will explore the inner heliosphere and open a new chapter on the study of the generation and evolution of the solar wind. The successful applicant will use our closest solar wind plasma and magnetic field measurements to date, from the twin Helios spacecraft, and apply modern analysis techniques to study the fine scale structure of the solar wind. An element of theory or simulation is possible within this work.
You will have a PhD (for appointment at Research Associate level) or be about to obtain a PhD (for appointment at Research Assistant level) or equivalent level of professional qualifications and experience in the field of space physics and expertise in at least one of the following: collisionless plasmas; turbulence; kinetic plasma physics; heliospheric physics; plasma simulation. You should have experience in data analysis of in situ spacecraft plasma data or the analysis and interpretation of equivalent data from space plasma simulations.

Closing date: 20 July 2017

For more information please contact Tim Horbury ( or see