Congratulations to Mike Lockwood and Mat Owens for receiving the “Editors’ Choice” award from Solar Physics

In each volume of the journal Solar Physics, a few articles are marked as “Editors’ Choice”. The primary criterion is original, high-quality research that is of wide interest within the community.

Recently, Mike Lockwood and Mat Owens from the University of Reading had their paper marked as “Editors’ Choice”. We would like to congratulate them on their success.

The paper itself:
Lockwood, M., Owens, M.
Reconstruction of Carrington Rotation Means of Open Solar Flux over the Past 154 Years.
Sol Phys 299, 28 (2024).

Furthermore, if you are aware of anyone in our community who has been recognised or awarded in any way, please let us know. We are eager to share these achievements within our community.