Nominations for the role of Project Custodians – SunPy Governance

Hello SunPy Community 👋

As you may be aware, a revised version of the SunPy Governance was recently accepted: With this we are excited to announce the opening of nominations for the role of Project Custodians as part of our new governance structure. Nominations are due at this google form:

Please nominate candidates by May 29th 2024 anywhere on Earth.

🌞 What is a Project Custodian? 🌞

Project Custodians are trusted members of the SunPy community who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the project’s goals. They play an important role in guiding the direction of the project, engaging with the community, and making key decisions. Custodians have the authority to vote on important matters, including the election of the Steering Committee and the Ombudsperson, and can also help shape the future of the project by approving changes to the governance structure. The full details about Project Custodians can be found here:

🌞 Eligibility Criteria 🌞
Anyone is eligible to be nominated to be a Project Custodian, as long as the candidate meets the following criteria:

– A good grasp of the philosophy of the SunPy Project
– A solid track record of being constructive and helpful
– Meaningful contributions to the Project’s goals, in any form
– A willingness to dedicate time to improving the Project
– A willingness to recruit, train, and nominate new team members
– A track record of adhering to the project Code of Conduct

We want to emphasise that as well as code “meaningful contributions” can include, but are not limited to, regularly answering questions in community spaces, raising issues (i.e. bugs and feature requests) and giving feedback.

🌞 How to Nominate 🌞
Nominations can be made by any member of the community, including self-nominations. To nominate someone, please send a short, factual statement outlining how the nominee meets the criteria to be a Project Custodian. Nominations should be submitted through this form Please submit by May 29th 2024 anywhere in the world.

🌞 Nomination Process and Timeline 🌞
The Steering Committee and Ombudsperson will verify the nomination, and if five existing Project Custodians approve and no Custodian calls for an election within two weeks, the nominee will become a Project Custodian; otherwise, an election will be held.
The voting period will be between June 3rd and 14th.

We encourage all members of our community to participate in this important process, either by nominating themselves or someone they believe would be a good candidate for Project Custodian.

If anyone has any questions regarding this, please reach out to

Laura Hayes (on behalf of SunPy Project)