Special issue on solar wind and space weather

I wanted to bring to your attention the Topical Issue to be opened in Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate addressing the dynamics of slow and fast solar wind. We are collecting expression of intent by December 15th (Preliminary title and authors’ list). Please read the text below for all the details!

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) plans to open a Topical Issue “Exploring the Origin, Evolution, and Interaction of Fast and Slow Solar Wind and their Significance for Space Weather.”

This Topical Issue (TI) addresses the dynamics of fast and slow solar wind. It aims at exploring their origin, evolution, and interaction, encompassing both their source regions and heliospheric signatures, and resulting space weather effects.

The TI grows out of the session CD-02 “All About the Solar Wind”, held at the European Space Weather Week 2023 in Toulouse. Contribution to this TI is, however, not limited to participants of the European Space Weather Week. The TI will be open to all submissions that fit its scope.

If you are interested in contributing to the TI, please, submit your Expression of Intent, including an initial title and preliminary author list, by 15 December 2023 via an informal e-mail to the Lead Topical Editor, Stephan G. Heinemann (stephan.heinemann@helsinki.fi). The deadline for submission of the full manuscript will be in summer 2024, but it has not yet been set.

The Editorial team includes:
– Stephan G. Heinemann (Topical Editor-in-Chief)
– Eleanna Asvestari (Topical Editor)
– Matt Owens (Topical Editor)
– Krzysztof Barczynski (Topical Editor)

For detailed information about the submission guidelines of the Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate, please visit https://www.swsc-journal.org/.

Important Dates:
Expression of Intent Deadline: December 15th, 2023
Manuscript Submission Deadline: TBD (Summer 2024)

We value your support and kindly ask you to help us spread the word, by forwarding this information to persons whose research fits the scope of the TI and whom you think might be interested in submitting a contribution.